Other Private Sector Work

Further details on private sector work in conference interpretation (listed by subject area):

Private Sector
Academia: World Academic Conference of the Seoul Olympiad '88, Seoul, Korea
Agriculture: International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, FAO, Monsanto, World Pork Symposium, International Kiwi Commission, OIV (Wine and Grape Industry), California Prune Board, Seminar on "Soil and Plant Analysis, Seminar on Fertilizers- FERIT, organized by IFDC/FAO/IITA, Rice Production, IITA/FAO, V Training Course on "Root and Tuber Crops (IITA/FAO)
Car Industry: Ford, Nissan, Toyota, North American International Auto Fair
Communication and Sales: HBN, France Telecom, Universal Postal Union/USPS, IX International Media Conference, V International Media Conference, “New International Information Order” (UNESCO/ IFJ)
Computer Science: Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, BMC Software, Compaq, Intel, Unisys, Seybold Seminar, Tandem Corp., Bull, Borland, Las Vegas Comdex, Hewlett-Packard, Canon, Rank Xerox, Cetelem
Entertainment and Motivational Conferences: Partylite, Anheuser Busch , Optimists, Optimist International, 20th Century Fox, Star Wars Conference, TV Interview of Mike Tyson in penitentiary, with Canal+
Financial: Ford Credit, GE Capital, Total Media Marketing, Coast Buyers Conference, ACCOR Group, G-Tech Users, WOCCU Congress, Intl. Savings Banks Inst., XIII World Congress of Accountants, XIII Congress of ISI, 52nd Meeting of the International Savings Banks Institute, OECD
Insurance: AXA (US & France), MRTF
Legal: International Association of Judges, International Judicial Council
Leisure: Resort Condominium International

Merck Medical, Intl. Psychoanalytical Congress, Dixit Intl. Prostate Conference, IACAPAP 13th Intl. Congress (psychiatry), AORN (Nurses), Janssen Pharmaceutical, FIODS (Blood Donors, IX World Congress of Phlebology

Ministerial Conferences: “Beyond the Open Skies”, World Ministerial Conference, Microsoft Government Conference, Rep. of Cote d'Ivoire- Investment Promotion, 13th Ministerial Conference of the World Food Programme (Beijing), 3rd Session of FAO Regional Commission on Food Security for Asia/Pacific, 13th Session Asia/Pacific Forestry Commission (FAO), UNESCO Meeting on Interaction between Culture, Science, Economics and Society, Press Conference, Canadian Prime Minister B. Mulroney
Politics: Political Committee of North Atlantic Assembly, Winter Cities' Mayors Conference, Intl. Press Institute, Tokyo, Japan: The French Revolution, 5th World Congress of ICU, IAPC Meeting (Political Consultants), 15th IAPH Biennial Conference, Seoul International Conference of Labour, 70th Conference IPU-ASGP, Triennal Conference of The Intl. Council of Women, XVII CLAT Council, IV Trade Union Conference for Caribbean Workers, Training Course for French-speaking Caribbean Area, FLATEC Constitutive Congress, Assessment of the 1978 Electoral Campaign in Venezuela, I Workers and Peoples' Assembly, XVI CLAT Council, II FELATRAP Congress, XIX Congress of the World Conf. of Labour
Presidential Meetings: WTO Seattle Meeting, FTAA Toronto Ministerial Meetings, Houston Africa Summit, George Bush Library Foundation, Mini Summit of First Ladies - 34 First Ladies (Miami) , Summit of the Americas (Miami), International Democrat Union (PM Thatcher, VP Quayle), 7th Session InterAction Council, V Session of the InterAction Council
Satellite Conferences: Herbalife Satellite Conference, Microsoft Satellite Conference- Information Exchange
Sports: FIFA Women’s World Cup Conference- Los Angeles, Nike, Intl. Rugby Football Board, FIBA Central Board Meeting, World Bobsled Congress, XXIV Olympic Games, Seoul, Korea, XI AIBA Ordinary Congress, V ANOC General Assembly, X Executive Committee of AIBA, 36th FITA Meeting, 39th General Assembly of CISM
Technical: OITAF (Ropeways), Smithsonian (Security at Museums), NATO/DOD/RTO (Helicopters), NATO/JBMB (Joint Ballistic Management Board), NATO/AGARD, American Ceramics Society, IAMS (Cat and dog food), ASTM (ISD/TC Environmental Management), ASTM (ISD/TC Environmental Management, National Association of Security Dealers, Society for Human Resource Management, Intl. Assn. for the Management of Arts and Culture, Suboptic ‘97 (Undersea Cable Optic Systems), Glass Manufacturing at Owens-Brockway, GTech Conference, Alcoholics Anonymous, Soroptimist International, INTERPOL, Earth Science Conference, Owens-Illinois, "Holberbank" Concrete, FICIM (music), Lottery Conference, Intl.Fed.for Housing & Planning Congress, GAP
Transport: International Road Federation (Toronto), ATA Teamster Conference, G.I.I.G.N.L., World Conference on Transport Research